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Each person has an educator that they are grateful for. Teachers inspire us and prepare us to be active members of society.

Because of Covid-19, 73 million Mexicans and Brazilians are not going to school, and their teachers cannot be side by side with their students to support and motivate them when they do not feel confident or when they need help.

With this in mind, Educando has teamed up with its current partners and new allies to support educators who are looking for resources to improve their distance learning classes, as well as instruments to improve their leadership and management skills in remote educational environments. From October 5th to December 5th, on the Thank a Teacher portal, teachers, directors, managers, NGO professionals, and others working in educational spaces will be able to listen to specialists, download e-books and manuals, participate in virtual workshops and join several communities of practice.

"Educando has been training educators in leadership school management and STEM education for the past 18 years. Our programs are present in 11,914 schools, and through the 16,903 educator participants 6,374,046 students have been impacted."

We are grateful to teachers:
For not giving up. For learning new technologies and skills to continue their mission. For putting the education of our young people first! Educando and its partners want to share our GRATITUDE with all teachers!