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Aleks Syntek
I believe that systemic change in education is promoted with love, passion, innovation, art, and revolutionary messages. Today, I want to thank Educando for making me a Thank A Teacher Ambassador. I join Educando's efforts for quality education in my beautiful and beloved Mexico!
Daniela Magún
Today and every day, I want to thank teachers. Without a doubt, it is the most important job there is. During the last few months, because of the pandemic, I have discovered how much we need them. How important they are, as well as the patience and the tools they have. Now, doing home school with my two children, I thank them even more. Thank you very much also to the teachers who forged me. I have a very special memory of my 4th grade teacher, Anette, who taught me the love of reading.
George Israel
Giovane Gávio
Thank A Teacher is a wonderful initiative to thank and recognize the importance of teachers, especially during the pandemic. I am here to give my testimony of how important it was to have a great teacher in my childhood. Certainly, my physical education teacher was decisive for my success as a professional athlete. Get involved in this initiative and send a message to your teacher.
Larissa Werneck
Many unforgettable teachers have passed through my life. Starting with my parents who have always been passionate about the art of teaching. I thank them for the knowledge I acquired while growing up. Most of all, I thank teachers for the daily effort, strength, their passion for teaching and learning and for their friendship. I am very grateful!
Débora Garofalo
I want to thank all the teachers who dedicate themselves daily to offer their best asset, which is knowledge, in search of a more equal society. Thank you for guiding and educating children and young people to make a difference in the world. Thank you!