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Faculdade Cultura Inglesa
Faculdade Cultura Inglesa is a prestigious higher education institution that trains competent professionals in the fields of English translation and teaching. During the Gratidão Professor campaign, Faculdade Cultura Inglesa will promote two exclusive sessions dedicated to English language teachers in Brazilian and Mexican schools. It will also offer three training courses, also in English, for teachers registered in the campaign.

Inclusive Education:

Gamification in the Classroom:

Teaching Online:

21 st Century Learning and Digital Literacy: Being a Teacher in this Contemporary Society
Profa. Dra. Maria Eugenia Witzler D´Esposito
27 de Octubre
In this webinar, we will discuss bottom up (educators and institutions) and top down (UNESCO and 21st century learning agenda) factors, and the implications of these changes on pedagogy.
Distance Education & Emergency Remote Teaching: Same War, Different Battles
Prof. Dr. Marcos Cesar Polifemi
19 de Noviembre
In this webinar, we will reflect about the situation we are facing at the pandemic in which our learners are physically apart from us. What are we doing in order to reach our students? Is it distance education or something else? How can we make the best of our experience? What ‘weapons’ can we use to fight this war?